705/2022 Missing Person Jersey


Call-out initiated by Jersey Coastguard on behalf of States of Jersey Police.

Once in the air, communications were established with Jersey Coastguard who instructed us to fly a clockwise search of Jersey's coastline, commencing in the centre of St Ouen's Bay.

We commenced the search at 0650 hrs local and flew a complete orbit of Jersey as requested, searching visually and with the Wescam, at an altitude of 500ft-700ft. Visibility was excellent for searching. We then flew another clockwise orbit, concentrating on searching visually and descended below 500ft for this. On a couple of occasions we identified things which warranted breaking off the track and flying a tight orbit to either rule in or rule out what had been seen. In the vicinity of Green Island a Silver Peugeot was identified in a car park and a Lat/Long was passed to Jersey Coastguard to enable the States of Jersey Police to investigate. To assist the pilot, we then switched to flying the coastline in an anti-clockwise direction. The Police were struggling to identify the car park so we were asked to confirm the Lat/Long when we were back in the vicinity of that location. Once overhead the car park we confirmed the Lat/Long and orbited until we observed a Police vehicle enter the car park. We resumed the search and as we were tracking westbound along the north coast Jersey Coastguard called to say the vehicle we had identified was the correct type but a different index. At that point, at 0817 hrs local , they stood us down and we returned to Guernsey Airport.

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