651/2021 Missing Person Jersey


The crew were alerted by Guernsey Coastguard to a missing person in Jersey at 0438hrs following a request by Jersey Coastguard.

It was reported that a 66 year old woman with significant mental health issues had been reported missing by her husband, who had woken at 0330hrs to discover that his wife was no longer in bed with him. Police had strong reason to believe that the woman had entered the water in the area of Greve D'Azette, and a detailed description of the woman and her clothing was passed to the search crew.

Following pre-flight checks and briefing, Lions' Pride was off blocks at 0520hrs and departed from runway 09 at 0530hrs setting course for the South Coast of Jersey.

En-route, tasking instructions were received from Jersey Coastguard for a search of sectors one and two of Box 215 to include the shoreline from St Helier to La Rocque, on the South East corner of Jersey. Arriving on task at 0543hrs, a shoreline search using the Wescam was undertaken at 1,000ft AMSL from St Helier harbour to La Rocque, before a stepladder search pattern was established using West / East legs at 1,000ft AMSL and quarter mile track spacing.

The RNLI ALB and JLA ILB had joined the search and could clearly be seen from the air. Several contacts were identified, but discounted as it could be clearly seen that they were exercising or dog walking.

Jersey Coastguard requested the search area be expanded to include the whole of Box 215, and then to focus on the shoreline from La Rocque heading West, but fuel restrictions would likely have meant the aircraft would not be able to continue having completed the assigned box. Jersey Coastguard requested that preference be given to the shoreline, and at 0708hrs, the stepladder search was abandoned and the search focussed on Greve D'Azette and Havre des Pas, and from Green Island to La Rocque.

The aircraft left the search at 0723 and Jersey Coastguard were requested to contact Guernsey Coastguard to alert a fresh crew should a further search be required.

Lions' Pride returned to Guernsey, landing on runway 09 at 0740hrs having been airborne for 2 hours and 10 minutes. The aircraft was refuelled and made ready for service.

It was later reported that the missing woman had been located safe and well on land.

On-Scene Coordinator: Jersey Coast Guard

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