637/2021 Vessel Search Les Echrehous


The crew were alerted by Guernsey Coastguard at 1758hrs of a 15ft orkney vessel believed to be somewhere between the north coast of Jersey and Les Ecrehous. Jersey Coastguard had received a 999 call from the vessel, which was believed to be taking on water at 1754hrs. The 999 call dropped and communication could not be re-established.

A crew was established and briefed, and the aircraft came off blocks at 1855hrs, taking off from runway 27 at 1905hrs. Jersey Coastguard provided tasking details en-route, and Air Search 1 was tasked to search Manche boxes 276 and 246 using North / South search legs. Due to cloud, the serach was carried out at around 1,200ft AMSL.

Air Search 1 reached the search area at 1921hrs and as the aircraft positioned for the first leg, a vessel was sighted on the IR camera at 1923hrs, and an occupant standing at the front of the vessel was waving his arms frantically, and using a light to attract attention. The vessel had two occupants, one of whom was sitting on the floor.

The co-ordinates were transmitted to Jersey Coastguard and Air Search 1 remained overhead whilst the two inshore lifeboats made their way to the casualty, arriving alongside at 1940. The casualties were recovered to the RNLI ILB whilst the JLA ILB took the casualty vessel in tow.

Air Search 1 was stood down at 1949hrs and returned to Guernsey, landing at 2010hrs before being refuelled and made ready for service.

On-Scene Coordinator: Jersey Coast Guard

Tags: Launch reports