03/2020 - Upturned Vessel, South of Minquiers


The service was alerted by Guernsey Coastguard this morning, following a report that crew on the Condor Rapide had spotted an upturned vessel south of Les Minquiers at approximately 07:10.

Air Search 1 made its way to an area south of Les Minquiers, where it was tasked by Jersey Coastguard to carry out a search. The upturned vessel was observed from the air, with a sailing vessel standing by. Both the St Helier RNLI and Jersey all weather lifeboats were en route. Having found... no evidence of the vessel having been occupied, Jersey Coastguard concluded that the vessel had slipped its mooring.

Whilst returning to Guernsey, Air Search 1 heard a report to Jersey Coastguard that an empty blue kayak had been found adrift just off Demie de Pas lighthouse. Jersey Coastguard requested our attendance and having aborted approach into Guernsey, Air Search 1 made its way to Demie de Pas, south of St Helier Harbour and quickly located the kayak.

After carrying out an orbital search following the westerly tidal flow, Air Search 1 continued searching, paying attention to the reefs and rocks, and no objects of interest were noted.

During the search, an orange kayak was noted on rocks west of La Rocque pier. Details were passed to Jersey Coastguard for further investigation.

Air Search 1 was requested to continue its search, but fuel levels necessitated a return to Guernsey to refuel and change crew. Having left the search area to refuel, Jersey Coastguard advised that a further search would not be required, and Air Search 1 was stood down, returning to Guernsey at 12:20.