02/2020 - Suspected Aircraft Ditching, Sark


At 17:21 on Saturday 15 August 2020, crew were alerted by Guernsey Coastguard to a suspected aircraft ditching at sea.

Although no mayday call had been received, a person on Shell Beach in Herm has reported seeing an aircraft trailing smoke and descending rapidly.

Air Search was initially tasked to search an area to the East of Sark.


Departing at 18:05, Air Search 1 arrived in the search area at 18:15 and commenced a stepladder search.

Several small floating items were discounted, including marker buoys, sea birds and bits of wood.

At 19:35 Guernsey Coastguard provided new coordinates north of Herm and requested an orbital search of that area. Air Search 1 arrived in the revised area at 19:38 and continued the search, before being stood down at 20:00 by Guernsey Coastguard.

Air Search 1 returned to Guernsey landing at 20:13.

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