497-2021 Missing Person Jersey


At 0940hrs on Monday 12 April, CIAS were alerted by Guernsey Coastguard and requested to standby to launch to continue the missing person search around the coast of Jersey.

On arrival at the hangar shortly before 1000hrs, Guernsey Coastguard advised that tasking instructions were yet to be received from Jersey Coastguard, but that a decision as to whether CIAS would be required would be made shortly.

At 1020hrs when giving the crew complete details to Guernsey Coastguard, they advised that tasking details had been received and that a search was required from Sorel Point clockwise of the Jersey coast.

Coming off blocks at 1056hrs, Lion’s Pride departed runway 27 at 1105hrs and set course for the North coast of Jersey, arriving on task at 1115hrs.

Initially operating at 500ft AMSL for a mainly visual search but utilising FLIR, a complete orbit was completed at 1135 and Jersey Coastguard requested another complete orbit in the opposite direction. During this anti-clockwise orbit, particular attention was paid to rocky areas exposed by the low tide.

Various objects were identified and discounted, and the Fire Alpha Marine IRB was seen operating in the area of La Corbiere.

Having completed the second orbit at 1215hrs, the aircraft repositioned for orbits off the coast of La Moye to saturate the cliffs with FLIR from 1,000ft AMSL.

After a FLIR and visual search of La Rosiere desalination plant, Air Search 1 was stood down by Jersey Coastguard at 1231hrs, landing in Guernsey at 1245hrs with no trace of the missing person having been found.

On-Scene Coordinator: Jersey Coast Guard

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