03/2017 - Missing person, Guernsey


The Channel Islands Air Search aircraft was called out by Guernsey Coastguard at 1109 hrs on Sunday 19th March 2017 to search for a suspected missing person.

The aircraft took off at 1147 hrs and proceeded to the search area at Pleinmont and along the south coast of Guernsey, with the active search starting at 1149 hrs.

Search Director Matt Hardwick said that the Guernsey Coastguard had requested the assistance of Channel Islands Air Search in carrying out a search of the area following reports of a missing person.

The aircraft, in association with other emergency service assets, carried out searches of the area including extending to the west coast, nothing of significance was found.  At 1423 hrs the aircraft returned to the airport to carry out a crew change and refuel.  At 1445 hrs, just before take-off for the second sortie, the aircraft was stood down by Guernsey Coastguard following confirmation of a person having been located by the St. Peter Port Lifeboat.

The aircraft landed at Guernsey at 1423 hrs, having been airborne for two hours 36 minutes