855/2023 EPIRB Activation


The crew were alerted at 1022hrs by Guernsey Coastguard following a request from Jersey Coastguard after a reported EPIRB activation, transmitting on 121.5mhz.

The EPIRB, registered to a Jersey fishing boat, was one of an older style and not GPS enabled, but satellite data had estimated the position as being NW of Les Minquiers reef. Jersey Coastguard had also tasked the St Helier RNLI all weather and inshore lifeboats, together with RAYNET volunteers, equipped with DIrection Finding equipment.

Lions’ Pride departed Guernsey from Runway 27 at 1115hrs, and was tasked by Jersey Coastguard to search sectors two and four of Manche grid 213, into sectors one and three of grid 214, using North / South search legs of 3.3NM, advancing from West to East. Although requested to use 0.1NM track spacing, this was not practical for the aircraft and a track spacing of 0.25NM was used.

Arriving on task at 1125hrs, five search legs were completed, before Jersey Coastguard reported that RAYNET had estimated the signal to be coming from the area of La Collette - Jersey’s waste processing centre.

Lions’ Pride was requested to reposition to the area and report any signals.

Arriving in the area of a La Collette at 1150hrs, a faint transmission was detected on 120.741. Although not an EPIRB signal, the transmission was detected from the area of La Collette.

Following further investigations, Lions’ Pride was stood down at 1157hrs by Jersey Coastguard. It had become apparent that the EPIRB has been disposed of, and had previously activated from the same area last year.

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