738/2022 Missing Person Guernsey


On task at 16:00, CIAS was originally tasked to search the south coast cliffs from Plienmont to St Martins Point.

Once airborne, we started our track from east to west over the cliff paths. Once we were south of the airfield the Coast Guard retasked us to search in the area of the ladies home at Le Jehanet, St Martins. ATC were very co-operative in our request and we were able to conduct several orbits of the area, with good visibility from about 1000ft. The area was orbited visually and using the FLIR to look under the trees.

The Coast Guard reported that the lady had been found (safe and alive) and we were stood down from the search at 16:25 local time. Returning to the airfield to land on runway 09 at 16:30 local time. On blocks at 16:35.

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