18/2013 - Fishermen in the water off Sark


“Lion`s Pride” was called out by Guernsey Coast Guard at around 9pm on Saturday 14 September to assist in a search for four fishermen reported to have been swept off their vessel just north of Sark of the Bec du Nez.

On arrival to the scene we used the night camera to search the area. Within moments we located two casualties located on rocks off the Nez and the search continued for the two remaining casualties.

It was reported by members on Brecqhou that noises were coming from water on their north coast. This area was searched and again with the use of the fler camera the two remaining casualties were located on rocks.

Guernsey Life boat and the Flying Christine each played a huge part in the search and retrieved the casualties from the rocks to return to Guernsey.

Duty Search Director Jason Hobbs said with the Sark Fire team on Sark walking the cliffs and the Brecqhou crew using the islands lights together with the boats illuminating the water it really was a team effort and thank God for a successful result as the weather was due to close in. All assets were stood down with a fantastic result and returned to Guernsey shortly afterwards.

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