05/2017 - Person in water, Guernsey


Channel Islands Air Search was asked by the Guernsey Coastguard to assist the Guernsey lifeboat in a search for an object believed to be a person sighted by a French yacht 9 miles south west of Guernsey at  9am this morning.

The CIAS aircraft was airborne at 9.35am and was working a search pattern in the search area when an object matching the description was located.

The observers in the rear of the aircraft dropped smoke floats to guide the lifeboat to the area.

Once it was established that the lifeboat was in position, the aircraft returned to Guernsey landing at 10.30.

Chief Officer, John Fitzgerald, who was on the flight said that the conditions we very good for searching from the aircraft with plenty of objects visible. The crew on board worked very effectively which is testament to the training the crew are undertaking.