03/2013 and 04/2013 - Man overboard yacht off Guernsey


The service was called out at 1.20 a.m. on 12th May 2013 by  Guernsey Coastguard to search for a man overboard from French Yacht ‘Jouvente’.  

The aircraft took off at  2 a.m. and immediately commenced a detailed search of the area between the Hanois Light House and the Guernsey coast. 

It is believed the man fell overboard at around 11pm the previous evening so the search area was potentially very large.

Weather conditions were strong blustery winds, clear skies and rough seas.

Visibility was good but unfortunately the person was not found. 

The aircraft landed at Guernsey at 4.25 a.m., having been airborne for 2 hours 25 minutes and searched an area of approximately 120 square miles.    

A second search was being organised for first light.

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