02/2015 - Red distress flare sighting, Guernsey


The Channel Islands Air Search aircraft, call sign Air Search One, was called out at 23.45 local time on Wednesday 2nd September 2015 by Guernsey Coastguard, following a number of reports of a red distress flare being sighted to the north east of Guernsey.

The aircraft took off at 00.40 local time.

An Air Search crew member said "We were requested to search an area north from Bordeaux Harbour and east to include The Humps, the coast of Herm and to the east of Herm.  This was completed with no further sightings of flares or other distress signals.  St Peter Port Lifeboat was also searching."

After a concentrated search the service was stood down at 02.15 hrs and landed at Guernsey at 02.20 having been airborne for one hour and 40 minutes and having searched an area of approximately 20 square miles.

Weather conditions were good with little wind, calm seas and good visibility under a bright moon.