986/2023 Object In The Water Search


The service was requested by CROSS Jobourg to assist with locating an object in the water, which was considered a hazard to shipping.

The crew were alerted at 1100hrs and briefed to search for a milk tank, measuring approximately 8m x 3m which had been lost overboard from a vessel overnight. 

Coming off blocks at 1135hrs Lions’ Pride took off from r/way 27 at 1145hrs turning right to track north towards Les Casquets, pending a detailed tasking from CROSS Jobourg.  

A search pattern was established from a starting point of 49 degrees 33'N, 002 degrees 21.09'W, with 13NM search legs, commencing in an Easterly direction and working north towards Alderney.

The search was started at 1205hrs, working at 1000ft AMSL and visibility was fair, enabling both visual and Wescam searching.

As Lions’ Pride commenced the fourth leg of the search pattern, the target was spotted visually and confirmed via the Wescam.   The position was confirmed back to MRCC Jobourg at 1232hrs, as 49 degrees 36.23' N, 002 degrees 03.34' W.  A photo of the object was sent by email to MRCC Jobourg to confirm positive identification of the object.  Once verified Lions’ Pride was stood down at 1242hrs for return to Guernsey.

Returning to Guernsey Lions’ Pride landed on runway 27 at 1305hrs, back on blocks at 1310hrs to be refuelled and made ready for service. 

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