828/2022 Vessel Collision - Resumed Search


Crew alerted by Guernsey Coastguard at 0711hrs GMT at the request of Jersey Coastguard to resume a search for debris or survivors following the previous day’s collision between a fishing vessel and a freight ship.

Tasking from Jersey Coastguard was relayed by Guernsey Coastguard prior to departure. Crew were instructed to fly a route from Guernsey SE to Corbiere, turning North to track up Jersey’s West coast to Grosnez point and continue round towards the Paternoster rocks, then to turn NW flying out towards the Banc Desormes Buoy before turning South to fly over the wreck site and to continue SW to a co-ordinate position of 49degrees 06.6’ N, 002 degrees 31.6’W. Jersey Coastguard requested that we commence searching as soon as we depart Guernsey.

Off blocks at 0805hrs, the aircraft departed from Guernsey on runway 09 at 0810hrs and was on task as soon as we passed over the Guernsey coastline at 0815hrs flying the directed route at 500ft AMSL. On approach to the final co-ordinate position, Jersey Coastguard requested a continuation, flying the reciprocal route.

Having flown the reverse of the original route, Jersey Coastguard requested a re-tasking to conduct a step ladder search starting in the centre of Manche Grid box 273 covering to the centre of Manche Grid box 272 and south to centre of grid boxes 242 and 243. Search pattern was established to be flown in 8NM N-S legs at half mile track spacing working W to E. On task at 0935hrs search pattern was flown at 500ft AMSL.

Whilst a number of fishing bobbers/markers and sea birds had been spotted during the search, no debris or other notable objects were identified and this was relayed to Jersey Coastguard.

After completing 7 legs of the search pattern, crew requested a return to Guernsey Airport for comfort at 1025hrs. Jersey Coastguard confirmed aircraft could be stood down and would be re-requested later if required.

Aircraft continued on to Guernsey’s SW corner on approach, landing at Guernsey Airport on runway 09 at 1030hrs, on blocks at 1035hrs, aircraft was refuelled and made ready.

On-Scene Coordinator: Jersey Coast Guard

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