769/2022 Overdue Vessel


As the Search Director was advising Guernsey Coastguard a routine training flight, the Crew were advised that a search may be required.

The crew continued to prepare, and immediately prior to boarding, the pilot suggested that Coastguard be called to see if we should loiter in a particular area, just case the aircraft was required.

Guernsey Coastguard then requested a search for an overdue vessel. The Shimmer, with a solo sailor, had left Guernsey at 1155hrs the previous day and should have arrived at Plymouth between 0300hrs and 0400hrs on Saturday 20 August. The vessel had not arrived and there had been no contact made.

The crew briefed and boarded the aircraft, and shortly after engine start, the crew were stood down as the vessel had been located.

The pre-planned training session continued after a change of flight plan.

Tags: Guernsey, Launch reports