755/2022 Red Flares


The crew were alerted at 0116hrs by Guernsey Coastguard, of a series of independent sightings of red flares in the vicinity of Grande Havre Bay.

The first sighting had been reported at 0040hrs, with subsequent sightings at 0041hrs, 0043hrs and 0117hrs.

Following the standard pre-flight checks, Lions' Pride departed Guernsey on Runway 27 at 0207hrs, arriving on scene at 0213hrs, joining both the St Peter Port ALB and the St Peter Port ILB.

The aircraft carried out several orbits of the area, focusing the Wescam on the several reefs that were exposed at the low tide, taking particular care to avoid any potential conflict with the ALB which was using parachute flares to illuminate the area.

With nothing found, Guernsey Coastguard requested that a stepladder search be carried out along the coastline heading out to sea.

A search pattern was established, and the aircraft began the stepladder search at 0232hrs.

During the search, a person was observed on the shore at Le Catioroc, some distance from the headland. Guernsey Coastguard were made aware of the sighting and a police unit attended to ensure all was well.

With nothing of note found, Guernsey Coastguard stood the lifeboats and the aircraft down at 0324hrs.

Lions' Pride returned to Guernsey, landing at 0340hrs.

On-Scene Coordinator: Guernsey Coast Guard

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