04/2016 - Motor vessel, near Herm


The Channel Islands Air Search aircraft "Lions' Proide," call sign Air Search One, was called out at 9.03 p.m. on 18th July 2016 by Guernsey Coastguard to search for a 7.5m motor vessel which was unsure of its position.

The aircraft took off at 9.27 p.m. and proceeded to a search area north of Sark.

An Air Search crew member said "Guernsey Coastguard requested the assistance of Channel Islands Air Search in locating a 7.5m motor vessel called Shooting Star.  Air Search One was requested to proceed to an area to the north of Sark to commence an initial search of a 25 square mile area.

"Soon after takeoff, Guernsey Coastguard advised of a revised position to the north east of Herm Island.  Air Search One immediately altered course for this area and commenced an orbit to investigate several vessels of a similar description in this vicinity.

"At 9.35 p.m. the vessel Shooting Star was identified in a position of approximately a quarter of a mile south east of Herm, making its way west.

Air Search One orbited overhead of the casualty whilst the St. Peter Port Lifeboat made its way to the position.  The Lifeboat made contact with the casualty and proceeded to assist the vessel to the safety of St. Peter Port Harbour.

"At 9.50 p.m. Air Search One was stood down by Guernsey Coastguard."

The aircraft landed at Guernsey at 9.55 p.m., having been airborne for 28 minutes and searched an area of approximately six square miles.