03/2018 - Missing person, Jersey


On Tuesday 15th May Channel Islands Air Search were called out at 1450 hrs local time, by Jersey Coastguard to assist in the search for a missing female.

A car had been sighted in a car park on St. Aubin's Bay and had not moved for some time.  The owner was identified as a 37 year-old woman described as petite with long brown hair, and concerns had been raised that she may have entered the water and not returned.

Channel Islands Air Search aircraft, call sign Air Search One, was tasked to conduct a coastal search along the south coast of Jersey.  Two Fire Service RIBs and the St. Helier Lifeboat RIB were also assisting.

After standing by in Guernsey awaiting further information, Air Search One took off at 1605 hrs and arrived in the search area 10 minutes later.

A detailed search was conducted including bays and headlands, and after numerous runs along the coast with nothing to report, Air Search One was stood down, returning to Guernsey to land at 1730 hrs local time.

Weather at the time was fine and sunny, calm seas with very good visibility, objects below the water could clearly be seen.  A number of objects were identified and discounted.